The 30 Somethings Guide To A Better Life

It is February, and many of us have broken our new year’s resolutions already. The new year represents a chance to hit the proverbial reset button on all the things that went wrong last year; as well as an opportunity to take advantage of new ventures. Not only that, but it also represents the fact that we are aging. Whether you are adjusting to the fact that you are 30 something or dreadfully approaching the 30 plus threshold remember, 30 is not the new 20, and that is a good thing. If you are like us, your 20s were full of mistakes and bad decision and now that you are 30 something, you can leave those mistakes behind, learn from them and hopefully never make them again. However, if you need help to avoid those mistakes here are ten rules every 30 something should practice or work towards to make this the prime of your lives

We suppose to be “grown folks” so now let’s talk “grown folk“ business.

10. Work Hard Play Harder: By this time, there should be an established career path with accrued vacation time and a desire to get away. Do something enjoyable! Take those exotic vacations similar (depending on budget) to the ones you see on TV. Don’t limit your pleasure within city limits. Plan accordingly. This is the prime time to start going places and doing things you have always wanted to do.

9. Use Wisdom Acquired In All Aspects Of Life: You are clearly at an age where you’ve made some mistakes and learned valuable lessons. Know enough not to make the same mistake twice and pass on this knowledge to others.

8. Know Your Relationship Status: Granted many Millennials are getting married or already are, but if you are single, that is fine. Be single, get married, date, have a friend with benefits, or just be friends. All that is fine, as long as you know your status and what your partner means to you. Multiple make ups and break ups should be avoided. Raise your standards because having an “it is Complicated” status at this age says you are perfectly content with leaving in a gray area.

7. Learn And Invest In Yourself: all right now, let’s talk about money. This is a sensitive and tricky subject matter, future fears are a reality for us all because retiring on your own terms, is becoming a rare milestone at this day and age. Prepare for your future by seeing a financial planner at your local bank who will be able to get you started in the right direction. It is all good to know VH1, BET, CNN, MSNBC, but let’s learn 401K, CDs, and IRAs. (side note) Do your taxes to avoid calls from the IRS and invest in condoms to prevent STDs…Moving on.

6. End Insignificant Grudges: These grudges can range from old disputes in high school or college or even within your family. Why hold on to them? No need to rekindle relationships if you do not want to, but like Ludacris said,” drink some prune juice and let that ish go.” A quick test to see if you have let the beef go is to see how long you can stay in the same room or have a willingness to attend an event if you know “that person” will be there. Use that negative energy to invest in the previous steps I just mentioned.

5. Practice Good Social Responsibility: This rule encompasses a few general rules such as dressing appropriately for the occasion and practicing a ‘grown person sense” of club etiquette. Don’t arrive and be the first person at a party and then be the last to leave. This is only acceptable if you are a party promoter. Oh yeah to my Alumni Greeks or “old heads”, undergrad parties are for undergrads.

4. Be A Champion For A Cause: Millennials have quickly become the most vocal generation to date so let’s hold true to that! Let your voice be heard! Stand up for your religious beliefs, your civil rights, or your political views. Support whatever cause you hold close to you. You do have the right to remain silent, but being silent doesn’t bring about change.

3. Try New Things: Break old habits and step outside your comfort zone. This could be anything from new foods, new hobbies, breaking barriers, finding new friends to add to your circle, or bringing variety to your bedroom. Being open-minded is always a key to learning more about yourself. When it comes to sex, who says you have to spell sex with only one x or not get with your ex (get it). Have fun, safely! We are not old enough to be stuck in our ways so live it up and go put it down!

2. Live a healthier lifestyle: Here’s one of the downsides to being in the 30s, our bodies are not as resilient as they were in our 20s. We are at an age where cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other serious illnesses are becoming a bigger threat at earlier ages. Eat right and exercise. Not saying deprive yourself of your guilty pleasures and live in the gym, but do make them both a part of your lifestyle. Smoking and drinking in excess can make that 30-year-old face look like a 50-year-old who still think they got it. Take care of yourself. Those cigarette commercials, especially the ones where the dude tells you not to get the hole in your neck wet in the shower, freaks the hell out of me.

1. Be yourself and embrace your age: Orange may be the new black, but 30 is not the new 20, its 30. By now you have had time to pull all the elements and character traits of the person you want to become together. Be that person and don’t make apologies for being the person you are. If anyone that has an opinion is not putting money in your account or assuring your salvation, give them 30 things they can do with their opinion.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.–Brad Paisley


Go Be Great.

AK Lloyd



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