Getting an old jacket or blazer altered is usually quicker and cheaper than if you were ordering one made up from scratch, and it is a great way to revamp older garments or vintage finds. Often, a bit of careful altering here and there can do wonders for your tired old blazer. Below, we’re going to go over some of the best Savile Row tricks to make your old suit jacket or blazer shine.

Fix up the collar

A flash of colour underneath the collar can add a little something extra to your blazer, whilst still being very subtle; trust us, you’ll feel the difference. If you can, try to echo the detail in the lining using a suede or silk.


Switch the buttons

Swapping cheap, plastic men’s fashion buttons for more refined brass, wood or leather can instantly transform your blazer and make it look far more expensive. It may seem like a simple change, but you’ll notice the difference in the mirror.

Add patches

As a general rule of thumb for patches, you should choose a contrasting colour or texture, and they should always be expertly stitched. If you have a corduroy or tweed jacket, try investing in some suede elbow patches.

A touch of bright stitching

A little bit of stitching around the buttonhole, for example, can be a refreshing change, and one of the easiest alterations a tailor can perform. It’ll only take a few minutes to add a bit of bright stitching.

Replace the lining

Particularly with old vintage jackets or blazers, you may be disappointed to find the lining has been stained or frayed over the years. The good news is; you can transform the inside of an old blazer or jacket with a bright colour or pattern. You could even go for red silk or satin, if you’re particularly into actor Peter Capaldi’s version of the new Doctor Who.



Whether you’ve picked up a vintage blazer, or have lost weight, you may wish to consider getting your blazer tailored to better suit your frame. A good tailor will be able to take your measurements and taper the sleeves, and take your blazer in at the waist, allowing for a much sharper fit that is certain to make any old blazer immediately look better.

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