IN THE 10TH is a lifestyle website and the quintessential resource helping mold creative, well-cultured men of color to experience their life in it’s entirety. It is the inspiration to help you overcome each stumbling block placed in your path. We are here to help you achieve your endeavors, whatever they may be. Whether your dream is to start your own company, land the ultimate job or creatively implement diversity in your life, IN THE 10TH is for you. It is our mission to help every male become Men Of Thought & Leaders Of Culture.

What does it mean to be IN THE 10TH?

Some believe the 10th percentile of the human race represent a class of leadership. However, we believe everyone is capable of being a leader in their own way. Therefore, anyone is capable of being IN THE 10TH. Whether its moving to a new city or fine-tuning a signature drink. To be IN THE 10TH means you are taking lead by making a change in your life and that you have made a decision to become the man you knew you could be.

The 10th, are you in?

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