Four Tips To Amplify Your Life

As 2017 unfolds, I have outlined a few things we all should be mindful of to become better individuals in the new year. I have captured four general aspects of our lives that we should seek to address or improve; however, this is not a comprehensive list.  I am sure there is a host of things that are just as worthy of writing about.

1. Get Focused On Debt

The first thing I think that we need to know for 2017 is that we must get focused on reducing and eliminating consumer debt. It is not my mission to tell people how to spend money, but I do want to encourage everyone that getting out of consumer debt is a rewarding way to achieve some level of freedom in your life. Consider this, if an individual has a tendency to spend all of their paychecks and run up credit card debt on consumable goods like entertainment, dining, clothes, etc. then, psychologically, that individual is comfortable paying others and not himself. In 2017 it is beneficial to get to a place where it is natural to want to save money, pay bills, and then splurge with whatever is left. Remember exercising financial discipline and using budgets is not something that is lame or undesirable. After all, your favorite retailer uses financial discipline and budgets to ensure they can market their products and services to you. If you were to look “behind the curtain” at Nike, Eddie Bauer, or Patagonia, you will find that they have a three or five-year financial forecast for where they would like to be. The question is shouldn’t we, as individuals, apply those same principles to our lives?

2. Start Planning For Your Own Business.

The second thing that I think we need to know for 2017 is maybe it is time to start planning for building up your own business. There is nothing wrong with working for a company as an employee. In fact, not everyone is meant to be an employer or sole proprietor. However, the sad fact is there are too many of us playing it safe in the jobs we have because we are afraid to step out and take risks. I would never advocate that someone foolishly pursue a business ownership opportunity without properly planning. However, I do want people to get serious about pursuing their passion and not necessarily a steady paycheck especially, a steady paycheck that barely meets your needs. The world’s next greatest chef is probably sitting in a cubicle at a call center as you read this article. The next best real estate mogul is probably getting ready to take a fifteen-minute break at your local children’s museum. The inventor of the next major technological breakthrough is probably breaking down boxes at a department store. However, their destiny may never manifest if they never develop a real plan for starting their business. Remember at some point that the call center, children’s museum, and department store was just rough draft plan on paper as well. If something is your passion, then only you are responsible for mastering it. It is not your current employer’s job to help you with your goals.  You are there to help them with their goals so keep that in mind. The question is, do you spend the next twenty years helping someone else achieve their business goals or will you take calculated risks and spend the next twenty years pursuing your business goals?

3. Build positive relationships

The third thing that we need to know for 2017 it that we need to build and maintain positive relationships. In the 21st century, we cannot underestimate the power of positive relationships. Relationships are necessary to achieve everything we set our minds to. Many people try to go it alone in life. Life was not meant to go it alone.  As humans, we are wired with an innate sense of belonging. During times of hardships, we need a few select people that will encourage us and hold us accountable. There must be a balance between being private and overly secretive. It is one thing to want to protect sensitive information until such a time others need to know and just flat refusing to work with or allow others in on what you have going on in your life. Remember the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  In other words, there will come a time where it takes someone else to help you along the way.

4. Learn something new

The fourth and final thing that we need to know for 2017 is that we should seek to spend time learning things that do not interest us. At first thought, this may sound counter-intuitive but if you think it through this notion can be very beneficial. When you spend time researching and learning about things that do not interest you it builds up your intellectual base, and it forces your brain to work and become stronger. It ties back into the old phrase “The more you know, the more you grow. The more you grow the further you go.” I am a firm believer that constantly learning varying subject matters can lead to a more meaningful life and a well-rounded individual. I also think that being knowledgeable of things that you like and do not like increases our ability to be objective problem-solvers. I say this because I feel learning about what we do not like can help us get comfortable with addressing cognitive dissonance. So moving forward, when new information is presented to us that challenge a previously held belief, we are better able to have a thoughtful response as opposed to an irrational reaction rooted in fear.

Hopefully, the considerations noted above will be useful tools to help you achieve success in 2017.


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