Black Card Revoked

Approximately, how long did Sophia have to fight?

A. 5 minutes

B. all night long

C. all her life

D. Never

If you do not know the answer, then yes, you need your “Black Card Revoked.”

From the creative minds of Cards for All People, comes the game Black Card Revoked, which tests your knowledge regarding all things black from history to entertainment and sports to everyday things your mama should have taught you.

black card revoked

Black Card Revoked is appropriate for all ages, so it is the ideal game for kids to gain extra insight into their past and for adults to test their knowledge of Black culture up until the present.

In playing this game, we here at inthe10th forgot some things (we will admit) but quickly remembered as the game leaves no stone uncovered. So no matter if you are at your family reunion, cookout, or having a small kick back at your house, this game will surely keep the party going after that one person in the group (you know who) continues to renege at the spades table.

By the way, the answer is C. We kept our cards, will you?

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