Business Spotlight: The Dapper Black Box

Who: Dapper Black Box

What: Monthly Subscription Box Service

Website: www.dapperblackbox.com

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As the subscription box industry continues to grow, black-owned businesses and brands are dramatically underrepresented in some of the major monthly subscription companies. To address this problem, Aaron J. Barnes, founded Dapper Black Box™ a unique subscription service that encourages investment into the black economy by supporting black-owned businesses.

dapper black box

Dapper Black Box is the first black men’s subscription box service that curates products exclusively from black-owned businesses at an extremely low-cost every month. From fashion accessories to unique products and toiletries, Dapper Black Box connects its members with new and growing black-owned businesses.

dapper black box

We believe that the Dapper Black Box™ is especially relevant given the dramatic national travesties against African American men. While the authority figures and media outlets continue to devalue our existence in this country, we still turn around and invest into companies owned by people who keep that system of injustice intact. We encourage all people, but especially black people of the United States, to #SeeTheBiggerPicture. By investing into our own businesses, we increase the longevity and influence within our community

Dapper Black Box

Also check out Dapper Black Box’s youtube videos series The Bigger Picture, a video archive of African American achievement.

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