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How To Develop A Personal Sense Of Style

Developing a sense of style

With so many options and an ever-changing fashion landscape, you might be overwhelmed at the thought of developing your own look. But if you’ve ever passed someone on the street and said to yourself, “Hmm I really liked that outfit” then congratulations, you’re already on your way to developing your personal sense of style.

Consider these tips to jump-start your style game and elevate your wardrobe.

The Internet is here to help

Developing your style can be meticulous and time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth the effort. People with a personalized sense of style benefit from better outfit coordination, understanding their ideal fit and more efficient shopping trips. A simple way to get the ball rolling is browsing various fashion or style communities on the Internet.

Places like Reddit, Instagram or even Pinterest are gold mines for tips, outfit pictures, and examples that you can draw from. It may help to ask yourself a few questions throughout your search; Why do I like this outfit? Is there something specific that stands out? Why don’t I like these pants? Asking these questions will enhance your understanding of what you like and why you like it. Eventually, you’ll have a handle on what pieces go together and how you can mix and match to make it your own. Now it’s up to you to take that inspiration and translate it into a more personalized expression of your wardrobe.


Find your fit

Fit – arguably one of the most important qualities of clothing and too often an afterthought. Sometimes you’ll find that perfect shirt, you love the color and feel, but as soon as you try it on, it looks more like a bathrobe than a tee. Some will be so smitten with the shirt that they will buy it anyway, convinced that they’ll be able to pull it off or shrink it to size. Do your best to avoid these impulse purchases. Trust us, finding the right fit for your body type will drastically improve your look and develop a style that best works for you.


Keep in mind developing your sense of style shouldn’t be a chore, try to have fun with it and think of it as investing in yourself. Step out of your comfort zone – shed the everyday jeans for a pleated trouser or a pair of chinos to keep it simple. Try out those penny loafers that caught your eye. Don’t shy away from experimenting and pushing your wardrobe to the next level!

Be yourself

Although referencing your role models is a good starting point, your style should ultimately be an extension of your own personality. You’re developing your own style – keyword your own –so don’t strive to mirror someone else’s look. Mimicking can only get you so far, and by integrating your personality you’ll differentiate yourself and feel more confident in the clothes you wear.

Combining any number of these tips will have you headed in the right direction, just remember to pace yourself! There’s no need to completely re-invent yourself at once. Take your time, experiment and have fun with it.


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