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Five Guiding Principles for the Thinking Man

Life is tough.  Life is challenging.  And when it comes to life, change is inevitable!  While society’s preferences and demands continually evolve, what must not be compromised, what must not be forgotten, what must not be diluted is what it means to be a man and a loving father.   When I say man, I am not simply referring to full grown males.  I am talking about a “man” as there is a difference.

As a husband and father myself I love nothing more than to see men being men and proactively tending to their obligations.  So I say kudos and thank you to all the men out here that are making positive contributions to society on a daily basis.  To those of us that willingly sacrifice for the betterment of our spouse and kids through servant leadership, I say thank you for being there and focusing on the bigger picture to create a legacy for your children to benefit from.  If nobody else says “thank you” just know that this article is intended to shout you out and acknowledge your tireless work.

Listed below are five adjectives that I feel are essential to be an effective man.  This list is not comprehensive, but it is intended to be a reference point to encourage us all to be better men for the benefit of our families and the communities we impact.

  • Resilient – A true man is resilient. He possesses the ability to endure trying times and focus on performing his duties, even when it goes unappreciated.  This does not mean men are emotionless creatures who do not get tired and feel down from time to time.  I am highlighting that a true man can not only motivate others to be better but can also motivate himself during times of self-doubt.
  • Responsible – A true man is responsible. Real men embrace accountability.  A man focuses on achieving spiritual, personal, and professional goals and is not afraid to be held accountable by others.
  • Resourceful – A true man is resourceful. To be effective in anything in life, especially as a husband and father, a man has to be practical and able to get things done despite having limited options.  Using your creativity to drive positive change in your personal and professional life is essential.
  • Rational – A true man is rational. The purpose driven man seeks to live a life of balance and aims to be sensible in all situations.  This is where the art of compromise comes into play.  Sometimes circumstances cause for aggressive tendencies to succeed and, at other times, more subtle and strategic tactics are needed.
  • Reputable – A true man cares about and is interested in having a good reputation. Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”  So keep that in mind the next time you are considering doing something that likely won’t end well for you publicly.

Always remember, none of us are perfect; mistakes will be made. Making mistakes is not the issue, in as much as, learning how to prevent making mistakes in the first place and knowing what is needed to correct them when a mistake is made.  I am hopeful what I have offered up will be useful to you as you move forward in life.  I wish you the best on your journey throughout manhood.

William Stitt


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