Lifestyle Tips for the Modern Man: How to Listen to Your Gut

Develop Your Decision Making Ability

How often have you heard this nugget of wisdom? Whether you’re facing a situation with your job, family or major life change, decisions can be tough. Whilst it isn’t always clear what to do, you always have a way to work through the problem. This article helps you to practice listening to your gut to make right decisions.

1. Lean on Your Intuition

Your intuition is a guide that draws from years of personal experience. By allowing it to function properly, you can make correct judgments and ignore irrelevant information. Try sketching out the problem in your mind – out loud if need be – to gain a clearer understanding of what’s at stake. You can better exercise your intuition by allowing thoughts to settle and form more clearly in your mind. To stop your mind racing, try to divert your thoughts to something else momentarily. Pick up a sports magazine or watch the game for thirty minutes. Your thoughts will become clearer as you reflect and allow your mind to run through your past experiences.

2. Exercise Your Conscience

You ignore your conscience at your peril. By effectively listening to your inner moral compass, you can anticipate the important consequences of your actions and find the best course of action. Try to reflect on your upbringing and school experience – consider what values were you taught and how have they helped you so far in life. Take a step back from the issue at hand and allow yourself some breathing room. Always remember that, no matter how large the problem you face the sum of your life experiences will always be enough to shed light on the best way forward.

3. Share Your Plan

Once you’ve reflected, it’s time to draw up a plan of action. To make sure this plan is wise, find a time to talk it over with somebody you trust. By talking candidly with a close friend or family member, you can get your thoughts out in the open and check that there are no obvious downfalls or problems ahead. Signalling your intentions in this way also opens the door for useful advice and allows you to assess the plan in a more objective way. Here you are vetting the ideas you have formed and checking that they will bring about the best possible outcome. This will also help develop your gut instinct over time.

Trust Your Gut

Listening to your gut isn’t thinking off the bat. It requires an investment of time for reflection and consideration. If you can be honest with yourself, however and are prepared to be patient it is well worth your while. Not only will it enable you to realize a positive outcome, it will also allow you to develop a valuable skill that will develop with each year that passes.

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