Makeup and Breakup the Series | Episode 2

Watch Episode 2 of the hit new web series Makeup and Breakup

Fellas all know the story. Boy meets girl, girl curves boy, boy chase girl, girl falls in love; boy breaks girl’s heart, girl updates her Facebook status. Sound familiar?

makeup and breakup

Writer and Director Eric J. Dickens tells the story of Brook Holiday played by Nicolette Ellis and Blake Mitchell played by Omar Salmon, on their quest to discover the ends and outs of their complicated relationship. Along the way, these two encounter more than they bargained for as they journey through the trials of a relationship. We all been there, breaking up only to run back to each other over and over again. The series premiered September 14, 2016, and had over 10,000 views in the first week. New episodes will air exclusively on YouTube, every other Wednesday.

Here’s a recap of what you missed last week:

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