The Navy Homme: Everyday Essentials From Save Khaki

Navy or shall I address it as navy blue, is one of the most classic colors created. It pairs with almost everything including black if you know how to wear it that is. From militant uniforms to everyone’s favorite – denim – navy blue is the go-to color of choice. It most often is a favori amongst the preppy and the nautical crowd, but it is far more than that. I crafted a list of my favorite navy pieces from one of my favorite shops in NYC: Save Khaki.

Please visit Save Khaki United, a men’s lifestyle brand of contemporary American sportswear emphasizing comfort & fit. S.K.U. products are everyday essentials: nothing is added without reason & the garments speak for themselves, avoiding gimmicks, trends & overdesign.


The Southern Homme

Donnell Cole-Price

Creative Director – The Southern Homme

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