Save a Life, Become a Mentor

Constantly we have watched our family members, friends, and colleagues endure the turmoil of losing a young one due to violence. Something that was once considered a rare tragedy has now become a common epidemic that has taken over our communities like stage-four cancer. To acknowledge the problem, we must take the responsibility to come up with a solution to end the cycle.

Across the United States, an extensive amount of programs is available that can assist our youth for a better future as well as stray them away from the violence. This is the perfect time to mentor our youth and showed them the endless possibilities of the world. If you are looking for a way to save our youth, become a mentor, make the change and show them limitless opportunities.

My Brothers Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance)

Founded by President Barack Obama in 2014, MBK Alliance provides a productive outlet to black youth in inner cities. Over the past years, MBK has reached over two hundred and fifty communities across the country. MBK is the perfect example of a movement providing a service for young black men. With a mission to improve life outcomes for young men of color, MBK Alliance unites our youth, community, and government to assist in providing a better future for our youth.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS)

Another popular mentoring program is Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. For over a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America have strived to accomplish growth within inner city youth for young Americans. Operating in communities across the U.S. in urban and rural communities, BBBS works with children within the community, school, and military bases to impact their life.

Boys to Men Mentoring

Boys to Men Mentoring is a revolutionary mentorship organization that provides an approach that is an impactful experience for our youth. As an engine in connecting prospective mentors to programs, Boys to Men Mentoring have become the go-to search within our inner city communities.

To learn more information on how to become a mentor, visit the organizations mentioned above or contact local mentoring programs in your area.


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