Spice Up Your Bachelor Pad on A Budget

You’ve finally moved into your own  bachelor pad but you have no idea what to do with it! If you’re on a tight budget and need inspiration, the following are 3 easy ideas for you. Your bachelor pad can be turned into the home you want for yourself in no time.

Paint does a room good

Any room can be turned into a new room with just a can of paint. Think about the colors your furniture and accessories are before choosing a color. Light colors will always brighten up a room and dark colors will make the room appear smaller. Choose something that you can live with because you’ll only want to paint once. Remember to test the color on a small wall area. Paint colors appear darker on the paint samples and packaging on the cans. For a bachelor pad, colors such as eggshell, light green and ivory are great color choices.

Open up the space

If your bachelor pad is on the smaller side, you need to play up the space with lighting. Natural lighting can open up a room. You’re in luck if you have a lot of windows in your pad. Choose inexpensive window treatments for the curtain rod and sheer fabric curtains. If you only have one window, create the illusion of more lighting by opening the sheer curtains. You should choose light curtain colors in white, ivory or light yellow. Don’t clutter the place with lamp fixtures to make more lighting. Use a large mirror on the wall to create the illusion of a larger room.

Keep the clutter out

Small spaces always tend to clutter up quickly. Choose furniture pieces that are practical and can work as storage solutions. For example, you can store boxes of items under a large coffee table. Don’t go overboard with small pieces that you don’t need. A minimalist look is ideal for a small space. Stick with the essentials and it will give you and guests more room to move.

Creating a style for your bachelor pad can be fun and exciting. Give yourself a good amount of time to do it right. Take a look on the internet for ideas on small spaces and write down your ideas to get organized. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if you need it. There are many websites and retailers eager to give decorating tips and advice.



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