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Top 10 Things Women Say That Men Tend to Misinterpret

One of the biggest challenges men face is the ability to communicate with women. If you have ever been in a relationship, then you have probably been a victim of a fight that spurred from a simple misinterpretation. It’s almost humanly impossible for us to listen to them, read between the lines, and analyze what they really mean all at once. We all think we are superheroes disguised as earthlings, but not even Clark Kent can avoid misconceiving the lovely Lois Lane. Improve your listening skills after reading our explanation of these ten most misinterpreted phrases:

  1. “We Need” First thing that you need to know is that there is never such a thing as “we need.” What she really means is “I want.”
  2. “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” If she says that she’ll be ready in five minutes, this means give her at least thirty minutes. Now that you know, you can save yourself the stress from being impatient.
  3. “Can you help me” She is not looking for a joint project. She is hoping that you will just take over and do it for her.
  4. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now” This can be tricky. The majority of the time she is more than likely trying not to hurt your feelings. It does not mean she does not want a boyfriend, what she means is that she does not want you to be her boyfriend. Your job is to take it like a man and move on to the next one.
  5. “I feel like our relationship needs to grow” This means that she is getting bored. You should take the necessary steps to spruce things up a bit. Be more spontaneous. Switch things up or you will find yourself girlfriendless.
  6. “And then this guy tried to talk to me” She wants to make you jealous so that you appreciate her more. I know it’s hard but like women and orgasms, sometimes you have to fake it.
  7. “No, I’m not upset” Simply means she is upset! The tranquil quietness and emotionless face is just a cover-up.
  8. “I am just going with the flow. I have no expectations for us” She really wants a relationship. What she does not want to do is scare you off by talking about commitment. I know, I know ” She’s cool; she’s like one of the homies; she’s down for whatever.” I’ll wait six months and see if you feel the same way.
  9. “I’m too busy” I have never met a woman that will not sacrifice time for a man that she is interested in. There are rare cases for the ambitious woman and I mean rare. If she says she is too busy, she means that you are not worth her time.
  10. “I’m too tired for sex” This can be a tricky phrase also. It could mean that she is cramping, or that she didn’t have time to pamper herself. The worst case scenario, you do not satisfy her in the bed.

So, the next time you don’t understand what your girlfriend is really trying to say, remember this list and it will surely help you decipher her true feelings.

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