Wedding Etiquette: What To Wear

There are occasions when a gentleman will have to prep for a wedding. These are times, whereas a man, we are more fortunate than women. Although the dress code may vary, our choices will always be limited. Keep in mind, limited does not mean effort shall not be desired. Dress to impress but never dress to compete for attention among other guests. At a wedding, you should be yourself without any efforts to outdo the groom. Keep these guidelines in mind and you will be just fine:

1. A late morning or early to mid-afternoon wedding requires a gentleman to wear a dark business suit or a dark sports coat. This may sound weird, but your outfit should be appropriate for a funeral.

2. For a marriage taken place at 6:00 pm or later, a gentleman’s guidelines may vary even more. Should you wear a black tie or not may cross your mind? Well, you should first take a look at the invitation. Is it formal, is it engraved? These clues will hint to how far you should go when dressing up.  If you still possess doubts, do not make the mistake of asking uninformed friends ” Well, what do you think I should do?” No matter how formal or informal, feel free to contact the host or hostess and simply ask ” What do you think most of the male guest will be wearing?”

3. Still have doubts? Keep our guideline (see below) handy, it will at the least steer you in the right direction:

The Wedding Begins The Invitation Was… The Reception Will Be Held In… A Gentleman Wears…
11 A.M. engraved a university,hotel or private/social club suit and tie
1 P.M. photocopied a reception hall sports coat or suit
4 P.M. e-mailed a home, bar or lounge sports coat or suit
5 P.M. handmade by the bride barn, farm or pasture sandals
5:30 P.M. printed church sports coat or suit
7 P.M. obviously engraved country club or hotel ballroom black tie

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