FIFA World Cup: Brazil 2014

Every four years we are granted with an opportunity to witness the World Cup. In America we call it soccer but in a few other countries, they refer to it as the real “football”. I say call it what you want, just make sure you are watching.

The World Cup starts today in Brazil at 4:00 PM ET and will last until July 13th. There will be 32 teams from all different countries battling it out to make it to the finals. It’s not easy getting to the World Cup, it takes two years to qualify. Once a team makes it to the Cup they are then divided into eight groups consisting of four teams. Out of each group, the top two teams will advance to the knockout stage. Starting to sound interesting? Four years ago nearly half of the world watched the games; that’s over 3 billion subjects of the human species.  Be sure to buy your jersey now or just wear the colors of your favorite team. If you can’t make it to your local sports pub we got you covered! You can view the games here.

Still don’t believe the hype? Maybe this guy will convince you:

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